Injection Moulded Products

Injection Moulding

With moulding machines varying in size from 88 Ton to 168 Ton, we have the capacity and flexibility to suit any number of moulding applications. Our extensive experience in producing components of the highest quality and within the tightest of tolerances, is one of the reasons we have been able to expand our plastic injection moulding company. Covenant Plastics injection mould and produce a range of our own products, such as Plastic Window frame packers and Concrete Tilt up Panel packers, as well as contract moulding for various other customers in the building, wine industry and for agriculture.

Covenant Plastics can mould with the aid of our fully equipped in-house tool room any reasonably designed product. In all the cases we have produced the injection moulding dies used to injection mould the products listed below.

The following product examples are of the parts injection moulded by us. Some of the parts shown are of injection moulded parts from moulds manufactured by our tool room which were injection moulded for our tool rooms customers.

Building and Hardware: Handy Wrapper, Plastic Winow Frame Packers (Honey Pakka), Concrete Tilt Up Panel packers and Pegs

Wine Industry: Pasture Rising Machine Walking Beam Nests

Agriculture: Whipper Snipper Tree Guard

Toy Industry: Lego figurine stand

Handy Wrapper Handy Wrapper Lego figurine stands
Handy Wrapper:

Can be used to tidy up any shed, electrical cupboard, boat - in fact anywhere you have the annoying problem of loose extension leads or rope lying around and tangling everything up.

Lego Figurine Stands


pegs  Packers 
Pegs Plastic Window Frame Packers (Honey Comb Packer):

Plastic Window frame Packers are used in the Building industry to help with the installation of window frames or kitchen cabinets, by levelling and straightening the window frame or cabinet busy being installed.


Pasteurising machine walking beam nest 
Pasteurising machine walking beam nest